The University of Kelaniya signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ogilvy Digital, the leading digital technology agency in the country to impart its industry expertise and knowledge for the University’s specialised Digital Marketing Degree Programme. 

The Digital Marketing Degree is the first such programme to be introduced by a state University.

With this MOU, Ogilvy Digital will partner with the Department of Marketing Management of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies of the University, to offer in-depth digital education to the students of this programme.

The MoU for the new degree programme was signed between Professor Nilanthi de Silva, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Kelaniya and Irvin Weerackody, the Chairman of Phoenix Ogilvy Group.

Highlighting the importance of this collaboration, Vice Chancellor Prof. Nilanthi de Silva said, “We cannot just wait on our own in isolation in the ivory towers of academia. We need to reach out to the areas that our graduates are going to be working in and make sure they have the knowledge and skills to contribute significantly, and be productive in the sectors they are working in. I admire the drive and enthusiasm in the Department of Marketing Management to do things better and I hope this partnership will bear good fruit in the future. I am sure that as an internationally renowned firm, Ogilvy is conscious of what messages are being given out in its communications and the ethical element to it and our students too, therefore, will receive the necessary exposure to such practices”.

Prof. Nilanthi de Silva, Vice Chancellor, University of Kelaniya addressing the gathering
Prof. Nilanthi de Silva, Vice Chancellor, University of Kelaniya addressing the gathering   

Speaking on this occasion, Chairman of the Group, Irvin Weerackody said, “We are happy and privileged to contribute our own knowledge and experience to make the Digital Marketing Degree Programme at the University of Kelaniya a success. As a pioneering digital technology company, this is the second occasion we are partnering with a seat of learning to impart digital education. Today, Digital Technology is the driving force in our lives. A whole new world is emerging before our lives, which will alter the way we live and the way we do things. The digital revolution is a quantum leap in technology. This technology can help Sri Lanka to be a knowledge economy with the participation of the private sector. Today, we see Sri Lanka is moving towards a digital economy with the banking sector playing a significant role. It is said that one could withstand the invasion of an army, but not an invasion of ideas. It is in this context that this Degree assumes a great significance in Sri Lanka, and I am sure it could play a critical role in the development trajectory of this country,”

Irvin Weerackody, Chairman, Phoenix Ogilvy Group speaking at the occasion
Irvin Weerackody, Chairman, Phoenix Ogilvy Group speaking at the occasion 

The occasion was also attended and addressed by the University’s Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, Dr. Narada Fernando and Head of the Department of Marketing Management Prof. Ravi Dissanayake.  

As one of the oldest universities in Sri Lanka, the University of Kelaniya has a vision to become a centre of excellence in the creation and dissemination of knowledge for sustainable development. The University’s mission is to nurture intellectual citizens through creativity and innovation, who contribute to national development.

As the strategic knowledge partner for the new degree programme, Ogilvy Digital shares the same vision and operates with a larger ambition of supporting and strengthening the digital economy of the country.

Under the MOU, it will develop the curriculum for the degree together with the university and be an advisor to the content and assessment methods of the programme and function as a member of the Certified Professional Marketing Graduate Program’s (CPMG) Accreditation Committee.

The company will further offer guest lectures for the degree, internship opportunities to undergraduates of the programme and conduct knowledge sharing sessions with the University.