Kalindu Karunaratne of TV Derana won the award for first place in the Best Television News Anchor category in 2020. The 2023 Sumathi Awards ceremony, the 27th edition of one of the most popular television awards shows in Sri Lanka, was held at the Water’s Edge Hotel in Colombo on February 9.

Mahika Madushani for TV Derana managed to secure the third place in the category of Best TV News Anchor in the year 2021.

Meanwhile, Nayomi Fernando of TV Derana was awarded for the television investigative news reporting of the year 2020. The award was given for the special programme aired on the importance of PCR tests.

Moreover, TV Derana also secured the second place for the best television investigative news reporting in 2021 for ‘Ada Derana Ukussa’, the special investigative programme for exposing the incidents of harassment and abuse at the Avanti Devi Children’s Home. The award was presented to the News Director of TV Derana, Mr. Yuwaraj Athukorala and Dinendra Ranrisi of TV Derana.

Meanwhile the Jury’s Special Merit Award for the year 2020 was awarded to Mrs. Sharmila Dharmarasa Fonseka, the Director of ‘Podu’ teledrama which was telecasted on TV Derana.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Wasanthi Nanayakkara of TV Derana secured the award for the Best Television Programme Host of the Year 2020 for the program ‘Ammawarune’, which was telecasted on TV Derana, and a member from TV Derana accepted the award on her behalf today.

Meanwhile under the category of “Best of Social Media (National Interest)”, Mr. Sachitha Kalingamudali was presented with an award for the programme on “WORK PLACE HARASSMENT” produced by TV Derana.

Via – Adaderana