As at August 18th, about 200 doctors and more than 4,000 healthcare workers including nurses working in hospitals island-wide infected with COVID19. Nearly 40 public health inspectors PHI have been infected coronavirus says Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Central Committee member Dr Nalinda Jayatissa.

Addressing a media conference he further said that eight doctors and 28 staff members of the Homagama Hospital have been infected with COVID. Four out of eight doctors are in the intensive care unit. As of August 18, about 265 members of the health staff including 27 doctors and 105 nurses of the Colombo National Hospital have been infected with coronavirus.

” President and the COVID task force are trying to say that the virus has not been transmitted to community, In this situation there is no other answer but to lockdown the country scientifically immediately. However, the President has taken a tough decision not to close the country and the officials of the Ministry of Health have been deployed to make statements regarding the non community transmission of the disease” said Dr Nalinda Jayatissa.

“We also call on the Director General of Health Services, the Chief of Epidemiology and the Secretary to the Ministry of Health not to spread false stats, You have a responsibility to the people. We know that you will remain silent before the President or the Presidential Task Force. People’s lives are being lost due to that silence. Therefore, the top three officials of the Ministry of Health are requested to tell the truth in front of the people. If you keep your back straight and tell the truth, you will be left with the satisfaction of saving people’s lives” he further said.

“Finally, I urge the President to fulfill your responsibility to the people of this country,Make the decision that the health sector demands at this point. As the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna JVP we demand the government to take the necessary decision at this moment” further said.

JVP requests Health Ministry officials to release the correct figures. Demand the government to take the necessary decision at right time.