Japan asks Sri Lanka to make efforts to regain trust of Japanese companies

Sri Lanka and Japan News
Sri Lanka and Japan News

Japan stressed the need for Sri Lanka to make efforts to regain the trust of Japanese companies and to resolve the issues and concerns of Japanese companies in Sri Lanka  for revitalization of their economic activities in Sri Lanka, according to the Japanese embassy in Colombo.   

Japanese State Minister of Foreign Affairs Takei Shunsuke who was in Sri Lanka to attend the Independence Day celebration made this point when he had talks with Foreign Minister Ali Sabry.  Responding to queries posed by Daily Mirror about what transpired at this meeting, the embassy said Japanese companies could contribute to economic recovery of Sri Lanka, but it was important for the Sri Lankan Government to make efforts to regain the trust of Japanese companies.   

The Japanese minister referred to Sri Lanka’s unilateral cancellation of the Light Rail Project, a project financed by Japan  

“Mr. Takei, the State Minister showed his expectation that Sri Lanka would steadily implement the economic and governance reforms agreed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), taking into account the lessons learned in the past,” the embassy said.  

Japan is a member of the Paris Club nations of creditors. It is one of the largest bilateral creditors to Sri Lanka after India and China.

Source daily mirror

Sri Lanka and Japan News


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