The Mahaweli Authority says the volumes of excess water in reservoirs are insufficient to be released for hydropower generation.

This was communicated in a letter directed to the Ministry of Power & Energy today (Feb. 03).

According to the letter, only 1,442mcm of water (50%) can be used to generate hydropower, although 2,168mcm of water (73%) are in hydroelectric reservoirs connected to the Mahaweli River.

Meanwhile, the reservoirs and water tanks belonging to the Mahaweli Authority and the Irrigation Department have approximately 3,496mcm of water (73%), however, only 2,488mcm of water (64%) can be allocated for hydropower generation, it read further.

The Mahaweli Authority says required volumes of water required for hydropower generation on January 30 and 31 were released from reservoirs as the Meteorology Department had forecast a substantial amount of rainfall from January 31 to February 02.

However, adequate rainfall was not received during this period as per the forecast by the Meteorology Department, the Mahaweli Authority says it was decided to release water required for irrigation in Maha and Yala seasons, drinking, livestock farms and hydropower generation as per usual.

source Adaderana