The Human Trafficking, Human Smuggling, and Maritime Crimes Division of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has initiated two special investigations into the incident of cyber slavery involving a group of Sri Lankans in Myanmar, said Sri Lanka Police.

Police Media Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa stated that investigations are underway regarding 04 suspects including three Sri Lankans and a Chinese national based on four complaints received by the police.

Recently revealed an incident of 56 Sri Lankans being forcibly detained in a Burmese terrorist camp and put to work as cyber slaves.

Reportedly, Sri Lankan youths are facing this tragedy since 2022, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had previously rescued 32 such Sri Lankans on several occasions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already sought the assistance of Sri Lankan Embassy in Yangon to rescue the Sri Lankans who are currently in cyber slavery in Myanmar.

Against this backdrop, the police urge the public to avoid going abroad for work on tourist visas.

On Sunday, the CID revealed that three persons who had been engaged in the trafficking of Sri Lankans to Myanmar had been identified through investigations. The trio was said to be the residents of Aralaganwila, Wathuregama and Dorathiyawa areas, and have fled the areas by now.