With the prevailing hot weather conditions, doctors have warned of a spread in fever which may include symptoms of cold, cough and asthma.

Medical practitioners told that they noted there was a spread in fever these days and asked people to be vigilant.

According to health officials, the reason why people, especially children fall sick these days can be attributed to the hot weather and seasonal influenza virus.

Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH) consultant paediatrician Dr. Deepal Perera said “We have noticed many people with asthma and cough coming to us for treatment. This could also be due to the conditions triggered by hot weather. Hence, we advise people to seek immediate medical advice if cough persists over two weeks.”

In addition, he requested the public and parents to provide more fluids with adequate minerals to prevent children from getting dehydrated and suffering from heat shock during the present hot weather conditions.

“During these hot weather conditions, there can also be an increase in skin diseases such as sweat blisters and eczema among the children if they do not stay in the water for a long time,” Dr. Perera added.

Meanwhile, GMOA Media Spokesman Dr. Chamil Wijesinghe recommended the elderly and pregnant mothers to wear a mask at crowded places in order to keep common diseases at bay.

“Besides, since dengue and influenza virus are prevalent, people should seek medical treatment if fever persists over 48 hours,” Dr. Wijesinghe highlighted.

However, commenting on the matter, Health Promotion Bureau (HPB) Director Dr. Ranjith Batuwanthudawa told Daily Mirror that although the situation does not seem alarming, people should be mindful of the prevailing hot weather.