The Directorate of Non-Communicable Diseases of the Ministry of Health has issued a set of guidelines for prevention of injuries and acute medical conditions related to sports events organized during festival seasons in Sri Lanka. 

Accordingly, the Health Ministry has described general guidelines to be followed in all sporting events and guidelines for identified specific events being carried out during the upcoming festive season.

The relevant set of guidelines is aimed at equipping organizers, participants, and communities with essential knowledge and strategies to ensure a safe and enjoyable celebration, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry also expressed that recognizing the importance of safeguarding public health and promoting safety during sports events held amidst festival celebrations, the guidelines have been developed to address the unique challenges associated with such events to mitigate the risks associated with injuries and acute medical conditions.

The ministry further highlighted that sporting events held in conjunction with festivals, the safety and health of participants must be prioritized to ensure a successful and enjoyable event.