The government has decided to provide Rs. 10,000 each for the families affected by floods in order to clean up their houses, State Minister of Defence Premitha Bandara Tennakoon said.

The government has primarily allocated an amount of around Rs. 150 million for this purpose, and the relevant funds will be provided to the district secretaries, the State Minister expressed.

Furthermore, he requested the officials to responsibly distribute the relevant funds among the affected families, and to instruct the people to utilize this money only for the purpose of cleaning up their houses.

Meanwhile, the State Minister stated that 284,505 individuals from 77,313 families across 23 districts in the island have been affected by the prevailing adverse weather conditions, and that 12,638 individuals of 3,147 families, who are displaced, have been placed in 204 relief centres.

Tennakoon also expressed that funds have already been sent to the district secretaries to provide necessary facilities including food to all the displaced individuals.

He further added that the number of casualties reported as a result of the extreme weather is 31, while 03 individuals are still missing.

source adaderana