The Government today approved the proposal to introduce an E-License system to the Import and Export Control Department.

The proposal was presented by the President in his capacity as the Finance Minister.

About 17,000 licenses are issued by the Import and Export Control Department annually, and this process is mostly done manually and with minimal use of technology.

However, the decision was taken to minimize human intervention and make this process more efficient using information technology.

The E-licensing would make the process more transparent and efficient by syncing the licensing process with the participation of regulatory agencies such as Sri Lanka Customs, the Excise Department, the Department of Motor Traffic, the Sri Lanka Board of Investment, the National Medicines Regulatory Authority, and the Sri Lanka Standards Institution. 

The Export Control and Border Security Program operating under the United States Embassy has agreed to provide the information technology program ‘STRATLINK’ worth US$280,000, along with the complete source code to the Department of Import and Export Control.

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