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The highly transmissible Delta Variant of coronavirus is spreading rapidly across Sri Lanka like in many other countries of the world. Every person is at risk of getting infected.

Around 1.5% of the persons infected with the Covid 19 Delta variant would eventually die. Majority of the infected have to be treated in intensive care units ICUs.

In order to avoid this danger, Health authorities strongly advise the public to strictly adhere to the instructions below.
• First of all, get vaccinated against coronavirus. Most of the infected people worldwide survived due to vaccination.
• Do not leave home unless it is essential.
• Do not participate in weddings, funerals and other similar events where people gather in large numbers.
• Remember to wear a face mask when visiting public places.
• Do not stay in closed spaces such as rooms, halls, elevators, vehicles etc. when crowded.
• Wash your hands using soap from time to time.
• Stay away from others keeping a distance of more than two meters.
• If you have a chronic illness, do not leave home except for work.
• Do not entrust safety of yours and your family with others and take that responsibility into your hands.

Sri Lanka Health authorities strongly advise the public to strictly adhere to the instructions.

COVID-19 Vaccines Advice
COVID-19 Vaccines Advice


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