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Gemunu says no to bus fare revision

Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Associaion (LPBOA) today said that there is no need for an annual bus fare revision for this year at this time.

LPBOA Chairman Gemunu Wijerathne said they have decided to contine with the existing bus fare without imposing a revision.

He also said he has informed this decision to the National Transport Commission (NTC) as well.

The annual bus fare revision will take place on June 01 every year. The busfare will be calculated according to the special formula taking into account twelve factors including the rate of inflation, the price of a litre of diesel, maintenance costs and the price of tyres and other spare parts.

“The NTC informed us that there is a 7 percent bus fare increase after calculation for the annual bus fare. “As an association we informed the NTC that the seven percent increment will not be acceptable at this time,” he said.

“There was a 20 percent bus fare increase during the COVID period. Later, the bus fares were reduced by 10 percent,” Wijerathne added.

source daily mirror



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