Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) has published a Gazette Extraordinary stipulating the minimum rates that can be charged by tourist hotels located within the limits of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) area, for the occupancy of a room and the provision of meals.

The regulations in the communiqué, issued by the SLTDA chairman, will come into effect from October 01, 2023.

Accordingly, the rates for corporate and free independent tourist hotel rooms are as follows:

5-star tourist hotels – USD 100
4-star tourist hotels – USD 75
3-star tourist hotels – USD 50
2-star tourist hotels – USD 35
1-star tourist hotels – USD 20

The gazette notification notes these rates are payable for a period of 24 hours and excludes service charges and other applicable taxes, fees, or charges levied for any other services provided.

Meanwhile, for hotels that fall under the category of residence or apartments for short-term business (less than one month), there will be an additional charge of USD 15 or its equivalent in LKR per extra guest over double occupancy.

Additionally, the gazette notification has stipulated the rates for the meals provided to residential guests.

5-star tourist hotels – USD 10 (breakfast) / USD 15 (lunch) / USD 17 (dinner)
4-star tourist hotels – USD 9 (breakfast) / USD 14 (lunch) / USD 16 (dinner)
3-star tourist hotels – USD 8 (breakfast) / USD 10 (lunch) / USD 14 (dinner)
2-star tourist hotels – USD 6 (breakfast) / USD 8 (lunch) / USD 10 (dinner)
1-star tourist hotels – USD 5 (breakfast) / USD 7 (lunch) / USD 9 (dinner)

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