Major flood situation reports in Pitabeddara area as at 3pm on May 14th. Minor flood level reports at Panadugama area as at 3pm on May 14.

There is a possibility of occurring a minor / considerable flood situation in lowline areas of Nilwala River valley situated in Kotapola , Pitabeddara , Akuressa, Athuraliya, Malimbada, Thihagoda, Matara and Devinuwara D/S Divisions.

It is requested to pay high attention in this regards by the residents in those area and vehicle drivers running through those areas.

Meanwhile water levels of Gin Ganga river is rising to alert level in Baddegama and Thawalama areas. Kalu River water levels is reaching to alert level in Kalawellawa (Millakanda) area.

People living in low lying and rivers banks are advised to be vigilant.

Showery condition is expected to continue further over Southern parts of the country due to the indirect influence of the extremely severe cyclonic storm “Mocha” in the Bay of Bengal. Heavy showers above 100mm are likely at some places in Southern province and in Rathnapura district. ( )