While most may believe fashion shows are all about the Haute couture, however often, it’s the person wearing the ensemble and their poise and élan that makes heads turn. In that regard, a young fashionista took social media by storm by creating ramp walks with not high-end fashionable clothes but everyday objects like buckets and water pipes. His hilarious take has now started a laughing riot online and even celebrities can’t get enough of it.

In a video doing rounds across social media platforms — TikTok to Reddit — a man is seen donning just a humble tee and a pair of boxers walking down an alley by his home with all sass. Recreating some of the wacky fashion statements, he struts like a pro. Be it ‘donning’ a wooden bench on a ladder around his neck or a rugged plastic shade as a skirt, netizens are impressed with his confidence. So much so, for one of the looks, he is even seen doing the catwalk with a woman clinging onto him by his waist.

Identified as Shaheel Shermont Flair (@shermont_22) from Fiji, the 24-year-old internet sensation has been creating fashion shows for his audience on TikTok. Recreating dozens of looks from fashion shows, he wore a creative hat, ingeniously using items that can be easily found around our homes but not so much on the ramp.

Via – IndianExpress