Even though the electricity tarrifs have been increased several times, no steps have been taken to increase the period given to the customers to pay the bill, the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection (NMCRP) claimed.

NMCRP president Ranjith Withanage said the number of electricity consumers in Sri Lanka is 6.8 million.

“The electricity tariffs were revised twice this year and in 2022, a consumer who had used 180 units per month was charged an amount of Rs. 3,755.00. But a consumer who uses 180 units of electricity will have to pay approximately Rs. 10,500 now,” he said.

“That amount is huge, and the time given to a customer to pay the electricity bill is 40 days. Due to the economic decline in Sri Lanka, the income of a family has not increased.

“Red notices have been issued to 253,465 electricity consumers who have not paid their bills in January 2022,” Withanage said.

Accordingly, the issuing of red notices has increased by 60%. This shows that electricity consumers in this country are facing difficulties in paying their electricity bills, he said.

Therefore, the NMCRP requests the government to extend the current 40-day period for paying the monthly electricity bill of a house and prepare a system for paying the electricity bill in instalments.

-daily mirror

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