Electricity tariffs are set to be revised in January 2024, Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera has revealed.

Accordingly, owing to the change in weather forecasts, Minister Wijesekera hinted that electricity tariffs will likely be reduced in 2024.

Speaking further in this regard, the Minister noted that in light of the fact that Sri Lanka’s electricity requirement is still being met through hydroelectric power generation due to the ongoing monsoonal weather, consumers can be given some relief next year.

“In the past years, we did not have this much of rainfall around this time of the year. But now, the amount of rain received in a day has increased continuously, and we have gained an advantage because of this. We are able to maximize the use of hydropower generation, and have been able to halt our coal power plants, and the other oil and diesel plants we have”, the Minister said.

Minister Wijesekera further explained that although it was initially decided to amend the electricity tariffs in April 2024, a tariff revision is set to take place in mid-January, in a bid to provide certain relief to consumers.


Proposed rates for electricity tariff revision announced