Doctors union Government Medical Officers’ Association GMOA will launch an island-wide strike action from 8 AM on December 21 Tuesday citing 7 demands.

Meanwhile doctors at hospitals in five districts launched a strike today in protest of the publication of lists of post-internship appointments without the approval of the transfer boards.

Secretary of the Government Medical Officers’ Association, Dr. Senal Fernando said this problem has arisen due to the military mentality of the Secretary of Health to carry out the activities that should be done legally through transfer boards.

“It is the accepted practice for a ministry of civil affairs to work in concert with the legal parties in order to maintain the smooth running of the public service, including health. Our membership has observed that the Secretary of Health acts with a military mentality without understanding the functioning of a civil ministry,” the GMOA said in a statement.

The GMOA said Instead of correcting the list of illegally posted post-internships without the approval of the transfer boards, the Secretary of Health is now acting with a military mentality, exacerbating the problem.