District Farmers’ Representatives on behalf of 1.1 million farmers islandwide are urging President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, not to reverse the steps taken to use organic fertilizer.

The farmers’ representatives say that it was their absolute duty and responsibility to return to the old farming methods and provide the people with a non-toxic diet. Therefore, they say that the steps taken by the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa for a healthy future generation will be rewarded by the farming community. As the war ended, the farmers’ representatives assured the President that all farmers under one team would support the President in overcoming the organic fertilizer challenge on behalf of the entire country.

“This was not a sudden decision” President Rajapaksa said that his vision as the presidential candidate was to implement a promise made in the “Vision for Prosperity” policy statement. Governments on a number of previous occasions have tried to focus on organic fertilizer cultivation. However, the reasons for their failure will be studied and the new program will be implemented, the President said.

“Some people try to point this out as a reversal”. President emphasized that the use of organic fertilizers, which is a new trend in the world, would take the country on a new path of agrarian economy. Many who speak out against the program are using organic fertilizers and vegetables at a higher price. But their focus is not on farmers suffering from the use of chemical fertilizers.

Sri Lanka annually spent Rupees Eighty thousand million on fertilizer imports. President says those money will let the farmers receive.