Dhammika Paniya anti COVID Tonic saga ends as temporary license issued for the ‘Dhammika Paniya’ syrup revoked by Commissioner of Ayurveda.

Last year massive crowd gathered near Ayurvedic practitioner Dhammika Bandara’s house in Kegalle seeking Ayurveda Tonic.

Later, clinical trials concluded that Dhammika Paniya’ is not a cure for COVID19. According to a trials conducted among 68 COVID patients, none of them showed any improvements.

Meanwhile few months ago, University of Ruhuna requests the public not to get misled by the Karapitiya name attached to MeGha Primal Intake product and not to look for product at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna. University released a statement regarding the Medicine/ Nutrition Supplement Produced by Dr. Udara Sampath Gunawardena against COVID-19.