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Dengue claims two more lives

Against a backdrop where medical experts have set alarm bells ringing over a hyper-dengue epidemic, Sri Lanka continues to report more dengue-related deaths.

Accordingly, two more deaths were recorded pushing the death toll to 27.

According to the Epidemiology Unit, 44,038 cases have been reported in 2023, with the highest number of cases from the Gampaha District which stood at 9,638.

The Western Province has recorded over 21,967 cases, the highest province-wise. The Epidemiology Unit has also identified 67 high-risk MOH areas.

The month of June has logged 4,654 Dengue cases.

In this context, people are urged to keep their surroundings clean and eliminate mosquito breeding places in order to keep Dengue at bay.

Source daily mirror  

Armed forces, police instructed to fully support dengue control program


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