The depression over southeast Bay of Bengal has become a deep depression and likely becomes Cyclonic Storm ” Asani ” and later upgrade to Severe Cyclonic Storm and landfall India. No direct impact to Sri Lanka.

The depression over southeast Bay of Bengal is very likely to move northwestwards and intensify into a cyclonic storm over southeast Bay of Bengal during next few hours and further into a severe cyclonic storm over East-central Bay of Bengal by 1730hrs on 8th of May.

For Sea Area
There can be very heavy showers or thundershowers, strong winds (70-80) kmph gusting up to 90 kmph associated with high seas over the aforementioned sea areas.
Wind speeds can increase up to (70- 80) kmph in sea areas between (Equator – 04 N) and between (80E – 95E).
 Naval and fishing communities are advised not to venture into the sea area bounded by (07N-16N and 85E-95E) and the sea areas bounded by (00-04N, 80E-95E) until further notice.
 Those who are out at aforementioned sea regions are advised to return to coasts or moved safer areas immediately.
 Fishing and naval community are requested to be attentive to future forecasts issued by the Department of Meteorology in this regard.

Showers or thundershowers will occur at several places in Western and Sabaragamuwa provinces and in Galle and Matara districts during the evening or night.

Winds speed can increase up to 40 kmph at times in the Northern, North-central, North-western provinces and in Hambantota district.