Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera has revealed that less than half of the fuel stations operated by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) have maintained the minimum required stocks on all products last week.

Accordingly, only 432 fuel stations out of the 1,050 operated by CPC had maintained the minimum required stocks of all products, as per a revelation made during a progress meeting held with CPC and the Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Ltd (CPSTL) yesterday (07 June). 

Speaking with regard to the remaining 618 fuel stations under the CPC, Wijesekera disclosed that while 363 had maintained the minimum stock for one product, 255 fuel stations had failed to maintain minimum stocks for any product. 

Thus, taking to Twitter, Wijesekera noted that CPC was instructed to review the matter and take all necessary legal action against those dealers that have violated the terms of the contract.

Meanwhile, the cargo plan for the next 18 months, the restructuring of CPC’s balance sheets, payments due to transport bowsers, the distribution of fuel under the National Fuel Pass (QR) system, the islandwide fuel delivery plan and CPSTL’s infrastructure development plan was also discussed at the meeting.

Source adaderana

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC)