According to the National Operation Centre for the Prevention of COVID-19 (NOCPOC) daily district-wise COVID distribution chart, Coronavirus cases in Wester Province is increasing rapidly. Western province reported 921 new coronavirus cases as 364 from Colombo, 438 from Gampaha and 119 from Kalutara on July 23. Western province recorded 774 cases on July 22. Sri Lanka Medical Association SLMA warns Sri Lanka will experience the fourth wave as more Delta variant cases detecting. So far about 61 Delta Variant cases detected from Sri Lanka.

A district-wise breakdown of other district is as follows.

Institute for Health Policy IHP data shows that Sri Lanka’s “Test Positivity Rate” is increasing again. Test positivity (using PCR tests) shows as 12.8% while seven day average shows as 12.6%. In July first week the rate was about 10%.

According to Epidemiology Unit data, 1815 new COVID-19 cases were reported July 23. Sri Lanka recorded less than 1600 daily cases since July 2nd, July 23 caseload is the highest after July 2nd.