SriLankan Airlines says that Airline is NOT deployed COVID-infected Flight Attendants. SriLankan Airlines wishes to clarify and place on record that the social media content currently being circulated, which was posted by the Flight Attendants’ Union making allegations on the management of the SriLankan Airlines is a deliberate attempt in tarnishing the goodwill of the National Carrier.

SriLankan Airlines wishes to categorically deny what is stated in these posts with regard to the Airline deploying COVID-infected Flight Attendants as untrue and misleading the public at a time the entire country is suffering due to the recent spike in the spread of the pandemic.

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, SriLankan Airlines had strictly followed and continues to follow the Health and safety Guidelines issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka(CAASL) which were amended from time to time.  This includes similar directives adopted by the respective civil aviation authorities operating in respective countries that the Airline flies to. 

SriLankan Airlines has taken every precaution in ensuring health and wellbeing of its employees by steering a prioritized company- wide vaccination programme and providing required Personal Protective Equipment ( PPEs) , continuous awareness and instructions on safe working environment, and also through facilitating hospitalization and/or intermediate care center facilities, when staff members are tested positive for COVID-19.