About 30 percent of the total culminated Dengue cases reported in 2023 are in the age category between one and 18, according to health experts.

A medical expert revealed this in response to a query based on a statement made by National Dengue Control Unit Dr Nalin Ariyarathne where he claimed that a significant percentage of school children have been identified as Dengue patients.

Speaking to Daily Mirror, Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH) Director Dr. G. Wijesuriya said over 30 children are currently undergoing treatment at his hospital.

Besides, Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Deepal Perera told that there is a drastic surge in Dengue cases among children compared to last year and hence, parents are urged to pay attention to it.

Stop Dengue Now in Sri Lanka

According to the Epidemiology Unit by yesterday, 43,346 cases had been reported in 2023, with the highest number of cases from the Gampaha District which stood at 9,638.

The Western Province has recorded over 21,654 cases, the highest province-wise. The Epidemiology Unit has identified 67 high-risk MOH areas where Dengue breeding places have been found in abundance.

The month of June has also logged nearly 4,000 Dengue cases.

Meanwhile, 25 fatalities have been reported since January 2023. In this context, people are urged to keep their surroundings clean and destroy mosquito breeding places in order to keep Dengue at bay.

Source daily mirror