Cabinet greenlights new system for school admissions

Grade 5 Scholarship Exam - Image Thisara Samal

A new system is to be implemented with regards to the admission of students from Grade 02 to Grade 11 of government schools, as per a proposal made by Education Minister Dr. Susil Premajayantha. 

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the proposal tabled by Dr. Premajayantha at yesterday’s (02 Jan.) Cabinet meeting to implement a new system for the admission of students from Grades 02 to 11. 

Accordingly, by further streamlining the arrangements operating under the existing circular, groups that need to be transferred to intermediate grades will be identified, following which the new system will be introduced in a manner that provides fair and equal access opportunities to all students. 

Cabinet Spokesman Bandula Gunawardena noted, however, that this new system will not be applicable to students in Grade 06. 

Further, the current system in which there are a total of 40 students in classes from Grades 01 to 05 and 45 students in classes from Grade 06 to 11, too, will remain unchanged. 

A new circular is due to be issued in this regard, Dr. Premajayantha assured.


Grade 5 Scholarship Exam - Image Thisara Samal


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