The Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association emphasize that if compensation is provided to the MPs and Ministers, whose houses were damaged during mob violence that occurred island-wide from May 09 to May 11 in 2022, compensation should also be granted for the buses that were set ablaze amidst the said violence.

Meanwhile, President of the association Gemunu Wijeratne stated that “nearly 50 private buses were completely destroyed, while around 50 other buses were partially destroyed”.

“The moneys received from the insurance companies are not sufficient”.

“They have taken steps to obtain compensation for the Ministers to a certain extent, but even a section of our bus owners did not receive this [compensation]”, he charged.

“It will cost around Rs. 500 million for 50 buses if you pay Rs. 10 million per bus. It’s not a big amount”, Wijeratne added.