“Aswesuma” welfare benefit payments for the October month has been transferred to Banks.

In a significant move aimed at providing financial relief to those in need, the government has successfully transferred Aswesuma welfare benefit payments for the month of October to a staggering 1,406,932 families. The total sum disbursed amounts to a substantial Rs 8,775 million, showcasing the administration’s commitment to supporting vulnerable communities during these challenging times.

The funds have been seamlessly transferred to the respective banks, with the amounts scheduled to be credited to the beneficiary accounts starting from December 5, 2023. This initiative is part of the government’s ongoing efforts to address economic challenges and ensure the well-being of its citizens.

State Minister of Finance, Shehan Semasinghe, emphasized the meticulous review process undertaken to address appeals and objections, ensuring that the welfare benefits are allocated to eligible individuals. Minister Semasinghe stated, “After the thorough examination of appeals and objections, the eligible individuals will begin to receive their entitled benefits, retroactively effective from July. This demonstrates our commitment to a fair and comprehensive distribution of aid, reaching those who need it the most.”