The Commissioner General of Examinations, Amith Jayasundara stated that applications for the 2024 Grade 5 Scholarship Examination will be accepted online from May 27 onwards. 

Accordingly, online applications for the exam will be accepted until June 14.

The Exams Commissioner General emphasized that no applications will be accepted after midnight on June 14, and the deadline for submitting applications will not be extended under any circumstances.

The students who are studying in Grade 05 in a government school or a government-approved school will be eligible to sit for the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination, whereas the students of low-income families who are below 11 years of age by January 31 are eligible to receive scholarships.

The Commissioner General of Examinations further mentioned that applications can be submitted via the website (

However, he also stated if there are any issues in this regard, further information can be obtained by contacting the hotline number ‘1911’ or the telephone numbers of the examination department including 011-2 784537, 0112 786616, 0112 784208.

The 2024 Grade 5 Scholarship Examination is scheduled to be held on September 15, 2024.