The Treasury has transferred Rs. 2,684 million to all District Secretaries for the month of July for payments of allowances for kidney patients, disabled persons and low-income elderly citizens, Sri Lanka’s Finance State Minister Shehan Semasinghe says.

Aswesuma Benefits Program New Registration

Thereby, the allowance for elderly citizens can be collected from post offices, and the allowances for disabled persons and kidney patients from Divisional Secretariats from Friday (Aug. 25) onwards.

Last week, the state minister said, until a new scheme is prepared, provisions were set aside to pay allowances to kidney patients, disabled persons and elderly citizens unchanged for a total of 647,683 people.

According to him, 517,962 elderly citizens, 88,602 disabled persons and 41,119 kidney patients, including those wait-listed in the Aswesuma welfare benefits program, are given the allowances.