All roads belonging to local government (LG) institutions will be fully mapped by 2025, State Minister of Provincial Councils & Local Government says.

Addressing a press conference themed ‘Collective Path to a Stable Country’ held at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC) on Thursday (July 27), Janaka Wakkumbura said a special gazette notification would be published after road mapping.

The lawmaker emphasized that this scheme, which is being implemented after 36 years, will enable the identification of roads belonging to the relevant local government bodies.

According to Wakkumbura, during the first phase, a total of 49,200 roads in the North-Western Province were marked. Arrangements have been made to mark roads stretching up to 21,000km at the rate of Rs. 102 per kilometer.

For the areas without any local government-owned bridges, 160 new Bridge Kits will be constructed, the state minister said further, adding that 22 Bridge Kits are already under construction. “This year alone, Rs. 5,000 million has been set aside for ‘The Regional Bridge Kits Project’. A total of Rs. 14,112 million has been allocated for the Regional Bridge Kits Project which is scheduled to be completed and handed over to the public within 2024.”

Speaking further, Wakkumbura said implementing the recommendations in the report of the Delimitation Committee was put on hold as the reconciliation process stands to be affected while local government bodies face further disarray due to the presentation of facts in the document.