The Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera says that all relevant state institutions are responsible for failing to make the farmers aware of a looming severe drought in the Yala Season.

The minister has emphasized that the farmers have not received any official communication from the authorities that they would have to face a severe drought in this year’s Yala season and therefore utilize water sparingly.

As a result, the farmers have taken steps to cultivate a number of paddy fields, Amaraweera added.

Furthermore, he stressed that the government has also suffered a considerable loss due to the provision of substantial financial subsidies through the Ministry of Agriculture, for the purchase of fertilizers.

Speaking at an event held in Kandy, Amaraweera said that all relevant state institutions including the Department of Agriculture, Irrigation Department, Mahaweli Authority as well as the Meteorology Department should take responsibility for not forewarning the farmers regarding the possible drought condition and water shortage.