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GCE A/L 2023 Agricultural Science II Exam Cancelled Amid Leaked Paper Concerns

The GCE A/L 2023 Agricultural Science II examination, scheduled for January 10, has been abruptly cancelled following reports of a leaked question paper. The Examinations Department has taken swift action, announcing the annulment of the second question paper in the subject of Agricultural Science across all three languages.

The Agricultural Science II paper for the GCE A/L 2023 has been declared null and void due to its unauthorized circulation on social media platforms. In light of this incident, a fresh examination paper for the affected subject will be provided after the completion of the ongoing examinations. The Examinations Department will announce the rescheduled date in due course.

Students who had prepared diligently for the exam now find themselves in a state of uncertainty, awaiting further instructions from the Examinations Department regarding the rescheduling of the fresh paper. The department has stated that the date for the re-administration of the Agricultural Science II exam will be communicated at a later time, adding to the anxiety and frustration of the affected students.

The decision to cancel the exam came after credible information surfaced, indicating that the question paper had been compromised to the social media.

The Examinations Department has assured the public that a thorough investigation is underway to identify the source of the leak and hold responsible parties accountable.

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