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A group of Indian fishermen stranded in Sri Lankan waters rescued by the Navy

Sri Lanka Navy rescued 6 distressed Indian fishermen drifted to the Sri Lankan waters north of Talaimannar, with their defunct trawler. The rescued Indian fishermen were provided humanitarian assistance and handed over to another Indian fishing trawler at the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL).

The Indian trawler drifting in island waters north of Talaimannar, was spotted by SLNS Ranajaya patrolling in the sea area morning 31st July 2022. Following subsequent inspection, it was revealed that the Indian trawler had swept towards Sri Lankan waters as a result of a mechanical failure of its engine. Thus, the Navy promptly rescued the 06 distressed Indian fishermen aboard the defunct vessel and they were provided with food, drink and other necessary humanitarian assistance.

Further, SLNS Ranajaya escorted the distressed Indian fishing trawler and the 06 rescued Indian fishermen to the IMBL and handed over them to another Indian trawler, ensuring their safe return.

Remaining committed to keep with obligations of the international conventions, the Sri Lanka Navy is constantly ready to provide necessary assistance to the naval and fishing communities in distress in Sri Lanka’s Search and Rescue Region. (SL Navy )

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