In a compelling Independence Day message released on the occasion of the 76th National Independence Day, President Ranil Wickremesinghe acknowledged the challenges faced by Sri Lanka in the preceding year but emphasized the nation’s successful navigation through them.

In his address, President Wickremesinghe highlighted the financial struggles that had tarnished the country’s image as it marked its 75th year of independence. However, he expressed pride in the nation’s ability to overcome these challenges and steer the economy toward stability in the year leading up to the 76th Independence Day.

The President attributed the progressive achievements to the unwavering support of the citizens who endured hardships as part of a comprehensive, long-term national rebuilding program. He conveyed optimism that with time, challenges would dissipate, life’s burdens would lighten, the economy would strengthen, and Sri Lanka would undergo a renaissance.

Reflecting on the initial vision for Sri Lanka upon gaining independence in 1948, President Wickremesinghe acknowledged the deviation from the expected course and the subsequent economic difficulties faced by the nation. He stressed the importance of learning from past mistakes to avoid their repetition.

With Sri Lanka’s current growth trajectory being acknowledged globally, President Wickremesinghe urged all Sri Lankans, both at home and abroad, to contribute their utmost energy to the noble mission of rebuilding the nation. He called for a collective resolution on Independence Day to persist on the path of growth and prosperity.

As the nation celebrates its 76th Independence Day, President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s message serves as a call to action for unity and commitment to a brighter future for Sri Lanka.

“As we commemorated the 75th year of our nation’s independence, we encountered the indignity of being labeled a financially bankrupt country. Nevertheless, upon the advent of the 76th Independence Day, we have effectively navigated through these challenges, steering the economy toward stability despite numerous impediments and challenges.

Achievements were realized progressively, owing to the steadfast support of our citizens who endured hardships in keeping with a comprehensive, long-term national rebuilding programme. Throughout this journey, challenges will gradually dissipate, life’s burdens will lighten, the economy will fortify and Mother Sri Lanka will undergo a renaissance.

Upon gaining independence in 1948, global expectations envisioned Sri Lanka evolving into a developed nation in the East, given our favourable background. Regrettably, we deviated from this course and found ourselves grappling with economic difficulties.
It is imperative that we obtain insights from past mistakes and avoid their repetition. With the current growth trajectory acknowledged globally, let us collectively resolve on this Independence Day to persist on this path and reinstate prosperity.

I invite all Sri Lankans, at home and abroad, to contribute their utmost energy to the noble mission of rebuilding our nation.