A Sri Lankan national has been killed in fatal accident at Capodimonte in Naples, Italy after a car carrying 3 foreign citizens crashed into a support pole of the trolleybus power supply on Sunday morning, Italian media reported today. 

The vehicle, driven by a twenty-eight-year-old man, was traveling, presumably at high speed, via Capodimonte in the direction of the entrance to the ring road, when at the height of the Basilica it lost control, impacting the pole located at the edge of the roadway.

The violent impact caused the death of the 42-year-old Sri Lankan who was occupying the back seat of the car, while the driver and the other passenger were saved by the deployment of the airbags, the report said.

The ‘118’ emergency medical service doctors intervened on the spot who were only able to ascertain the death of the unfortunate victim.

Meanwhile the personnel of the local police of Naples had carried out the findings of the accident and subjected the driver to tests on the use of alcohol or drugs, of which results are awaited.

The driver was referred to the AG for vehicular homicide, it said.

From the initial findings carried out by the local police of Naples, it became clear that the deceased was not wearing seat belts that could have saved his life, the report added.

Source: Italy 24 Press News