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31 Sri Lankans deported from Jordan

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Jordan, in collaboration with the Public Security Directorate of Jordan, has facilitated the deportation of 31 Sri Lankans who were granted deportation orders by the Jordanian authorities.

The said group of Sri Lankans returned to Sri Lanka on October 27, the Sri Lankan Embassy in Amman says.

These Sri Lankans had entered Jordan on July 22 on visit/tourist visas with the anticipation of finding job opportunities. Subsequently, they were arrested by the North Amman police station and detained in correction centers following a decision made by the North Amman Court on October 12.

The issue of migrant workers arriving on visit/tourist visas and overstaying or attempting to cross international borders illegally has been a recurring trend in the past, the Sri Lankan Embassy in Jordanian capital pointed out, adding that since January 2023, it has been actively involved in facilitating the deportation of approximately 120 stranded Sri Lankans, with the support extended by the Jordan authorities.

The Embassy said its officials have visited the correction centers to ensure the welfare and safety during their stay. The stranded Sri Lankans have been provided essential humanitarian support including medical assistance and access to necessities by the Jordanian authorities.

The Embassy strongly advised Sri Lankans not to arrive in Jordan on visit/tourist visas without a confirmed job opportunity and required visa. Many male and female Sri Lankans continue to fall prey to human smuggling and are subsequently subjected to deportation after being held in correction centers.

It also requested all Sri Lankans to seek overseas job opportunities legally and to register with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) before their departure.




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