Nelumwila Health Lane Project has been completed, the project has stopped midway. As Rs. 13 million has been spent for this purpose, the Committee instructed to carry out urban forestry on this piece of land and use it in the process of increasing forestry in Sri Lanka, the parliamentary communications department mentioned.

Under the replacement of Welikada prison, the Prisons Department and the Urban Development Authority were instructed that the value of the land where Welikada is currently located should be accurately assessed by the Government Valuation Department, and the money obtained by leasing the existing land or calling for tenders and selling the land should be used to locate the prison on the proposed land in Horana with more space and facilities under approved measurements.

The Committee emphasized that the cost can be covered through the investment received without spending government funds for the relevant project. The Committee also emphasized that by replacing the Welikada prison, the government hopes to use the more valuable Welikada land for other productive investment purposes and to re-establish the prison with more spacious facilities with the large amount of funds received.

According to the facts considered, the Committee has emphasized that the main reason for the cease of the projects is the lack of good cooperation or agreement between the institutions involved. The recommendation of the Committee was that when starting projects under the limited resources available, a preliminary analysis should be done regarding the social, economic and environmental impacts and the most beneficial and most important method should be followed. 

The participating officials were also instructed to follow the instructions and guidance given by the Committee and inform the Committee within 03 weeks of the progress regarding the work of the considered projects.