In a bid to facilitate a digital economy by the year 2030, President Ranil Wickremesinghe proposed that the organizational structure pertaining to information technology in the public sector be restructured.

Accordingly, President Ranil revealed that efforts are being made to establish a digital authority with full powers to provide the necessary leadership and direction for the digitization of the public sector.

During the Budget Speech delivered by the President in Parliament this morning (13 Nov.), he also proposed that a technological innovation council be established, so as to encourage technological innovation in coordination with the public sector, expert institutions and civil society.

He said steps will also be taken to establish a National Center for Artificial Intelligence to ensure an economic and social transformation, based on the latest trends in digital technology, and artificial intelligence, with Rs. 3 billion having been allocated for these activities.

“A critical backbone for this infrastructure will be the development of Sri Lanka’s digital identity. Steps have been taken to reach this goal and it is expected to be completed in the year 2024”, President Wickremesinghe said in this regard.

Budget in sri lanka parliament