Two fold increase in dengue cases than past year

The number of dengue cases recorded this year has almost doubled compared to last year, the Federation of Health Professionals President Ravi Kumudesh said.

He said a total of 35,924 dengue cases were reported from January 1, 2021. But 72,321 dengue patients were reported from January 1, this year.

It is more than a two fold increase of the cases recorded compared to last year.

Eventhough, reducing the mosquito population is very essential to control the spread of dengue, the contribution received by the Health Ministry and from people is minimum.

Therefore, it has become very difficult when controlling the dengue spreading.

Kumudesh said this regarding a video circulated on social media. According to the video, the owner of the house was seen accusing the public health officer over the check for dengue larvae.

source-daily mirror

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