State Minister of Finance Ranjith Siyambalapitiya stated that the final decision regarding the lifting of the restrictions on vehicle imports will be taken in the second week of August. 

The State Minister pointed out that the committee appointed to look into the matter met recently and agreed to submit the final report to the Cabinet within the second week of August. 

Siyambalapitiya mentioned that accordingly, it will be able to import vehicles according to the country’s revenue situation while prioritising the needs of the people. 

The Finance State Minister further expressed that the imports will begin from public transport vehicles, goods transport vehicles, alternative vehicles, public vehicles and then the private vehicles, subject to regulations.

He also said that the Cabinet of Ministers has approved the import of 1,000 vehicles for the tourism sector and that none of those vehicles have been imported thus far. 

He stated that the import of 250 buses and 750 vans has been allowed under this, subject to the approval of the Ministry of Tourism.

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