From February 1, the remittances of all companies with more than 15 employees must pay their employees’ remittances to the Employers’ Trust Funds (ETF) through an online system, Finance State Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said.

He told the media that the decision will be implemented according to a decision taken by the President as the Finance Minister and according to the gazette notification issued by him.

This decision will help to secure the rights of the 2.8 million employees registered with the ETF Board, as well as clarify the facts clearly and transparently, he said.

There are 16,000 employers registered with the ETF, and this program will ease their work.

Earlier, several institutions engaged in this program, but as of February 1, it will be applicable to all companies with more than 15 employees, the State Minister said.

He sad the employees will have the right to check their ETF remittances online, and this program will be implemented to send an SMS to the respective employee to notify them of their ETF remittances.

After implementing the program, this will be a great opportunity for employees to look plan their activities for the future, the State Minister added. 

Source – Daily Mirror