In the aftermath of the recent trade union strike, the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has interdicted an additional 51 employees for their refusal to accept bill payments. This brings the total number of CEB workers facing disciplinary action to 66. The move follows a prior interdiction of 15 clerical staff members responsible for closing cash counters during the strike, causing inconvenience to consumers.

The decision to interdict the 51 employees comes in the wake of a trade union strike within the CEB. The employees in question reportedly refused to accept bill payments, contributing to disruptions in consumer services. The CEB has taken a firm stance, asserting that such actions are in violation of the employees’ responsibilities and obligations.

With the latest interdictions, the total number of CEB employees facing disciplinary measures has risen to 66. The CEB is emphasizing the importance of maintaining uninterrupted service to consumers, especially during times of trade union actions.

A CEB spokesman highlighted that the initial interdiction of 15 clerical staff members was a result of the closure of cash counters during the trade union action. This move inconvenienced consumers who had arrived to pay their electricity bills. The spokesman affirmed that such disruptions to essential services are taken seriously, leading to the disciplinary actions. ( )