As the nation eagerly approaches its 76th National Independence Day on February 4th, Sri Lanka is set to showcase its pride to the world through a spectacular celebration at the iconic Galle Face Green in Colombo.

The Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, and Provincial Council Local Government, led by Secretary Pradeep Yasaratne, has called upon citizens to join in the festivities by proudly displaying the national flag in every household, government office, and public building. This initiative aims to create a sea of patriotism, fostering unity and a strong sense of national identity.

“I urge every citizen to actively participate in the festivities and proudly display the national flag”

The grand event, scheduled for Sunday, February 4th, promises to be a remarkable spectacle, featuring various cultural performances, military parades, and displays that highlight the rich heritage and achievements of Sri Lanka. Galle Face Green, with its scenic backdrop, will serve as the perfect venue for citizens to come together and celebrate the country’s journey towards freedom and prosperity.

The celebrations will commence early in the morning, with a flag-hoisting ceremony, followed by traditional dances, musical performances, and a vibrant parade showcasing the diversity of Sri Lankan culture. The event will also honor the sacrifices made by the nation’s heroes in securing and preserving its independence.