The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has once again apprehended the self-proclaimed “Vishwa Buddha,” a monk famous for his controversial online presence and alleged insults to Buddhism. This recent arrest comes after a series of statements issued by the individual, donned in robes, which were deemed disrespectful to the Buddhist faith.

Last month, the CID had initially detained Vishwa Buddha for posting offensive content on social media platforms, including TikTok, prompting public outcry and numerous complaints. Later he released on bail. Despite his earlier arrest, the individual continued to make statements allegedly demeaning Buddhism, leading to renewed police intervention.

Sources indicate that the arrest took place in Kalagedihena, where law enforcement officials acted on public complaints and gathered evidence related to the monk’s controversial statements. The robed figure, who identifies as Vishwa Buddha, has been taken into custody for further investigation into charges related to insulting the Buddhist religion.