A team of scientists from NASA is reportedly on a visit to Sri Lanka these days, in order to carry out research related to the alleged similarities in the stones found in Sri Lanka to those on the planet Mars.

The team of experts is led by Mr. Sunithi Karunathilake, a Sri Lankan national who is a Senior Scientist at NASA.

They will first join an observation tour in the Ginigalpalassa (GGP) and Indikolapalassa (IP) areas and then travel to the Ussangoda area in the Southern Province of the country.

Mr. Karunathilake mentioned that the geographical features in Sri Lanka have shown that the island composes of significant similarities to some of the rocks and soil on Mars.

Meanwhile, commenting on the matter, Ven. Kapugolle Anandakiththi Thero, a senior lecturer of the University of Kelaniya, pointed out that there are two specifically identified types of rocks found in these areas.

“One of them is the Blue Marble Rock (Nil Garuda) and the other one is the Moonstone (Chandrakantha)”.

Ven. Kapugolle Anandakiththi Thero further stated that it is more important to decide on whether those are the exact names that should be given for these two types of rocks in Sinhala, after conducting further research on this.

source adaderana