According to the Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU), General Secretary Joseph Stalin said that the Cabinet sub-committee has agreed to address one-third of their salary anomalies as recommended by the Subodhini Committee Report.

However, he noted that no action has been taken to resolve the remaining salary anomalies for teachers and principals.

The sick leave campaign will be launched to demand the settlement of the remaining two-thirds of the salary anomalies for teachers and principals.

All teachers, principals, teacher instructors and Piriven teachers will gather opposite the Fort Railway Station today to participate in the demonstration and discuss their next steps if the government does not respond.

“Additionally, we demand that the government not burden parents with school expenses. It has been two years without action to resolve the salary anomaly issue. During the sick leave campaign, teachers and principals will refrain from their educational activities,” Stalin said.

Colombo, June 26 (Daily Mirror)