Trade unions to hold national day of protests and Hartal campaign

Strikes in Sri Lanka
Strikes in Sri Lanka

The collective of trade unions and mass organizations which consists of more than 300 trade unions say they will launch a week-long hartal protest campaign across Sri Lanka from April 20.

Accordingly, thousands of people islandwide will join the struggle from April 20th to 28th, said Ravi Kumudesh on behalf of the Trade Unions and Mass Organizations collective.

More than 300 trade unions and mass organizations have stated that they will launch a week-long hartal across Sri Lanka from (20).

Sri Lanka suffers its worst ever economic crisis, waves of protests and mass uprisings have sent shock waves through the government and thrown the country into a deep political crisis. Youths from across Sri Lanka are gathering in Colombo Galle Face Green and continuously camp protesting 11-days demands President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to step down. ( )


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