In a recent announcement by global travel site Big 7 Travel, Sri Lanka has been crowned the 8th Most Instagrammable Place in the World for the year 2024. The accolade comes as a result of a comprehensive scoring system that analyzed Instagram hashtags, TikTok views, sample survey results from Big 7 Media’s extensive audience, and insights from their global editorial team.

Social Media Metrics and Audience Surveys Contribute to the Recognition

Sri Lanka’s stunning landscapes, featuring dense jungles and pristine palm tree-lined beaches, have garnered widespread attention on social media platforms. The destination secured a remarkable 15,569,609 Instagram hashtags and an astounding 34,900,000,000 TikTok views, placing it prominently among the world’s most visually captivating locations.

Captivating Landscapes and Cultural Wonders Elevate Sri Lanka’s Instagrammable Appeal

Epic landscapes define Sri Lanka’s Instagrammable charm, with colonial-era railway tracks, such as the famed Nine Arch Bridge, providing adventurous and stunning backdrops for travel enthusiasts. Sigiriya Rock, another iconic site, boasts Lion’s paws carved out of stone, offering breathtaking views that have become the subject of wondrous images. Adventurous souls can climb Sigiriya Rock, while others opt for a short hike up Pidurangala Rock to capture the mesmerizing sight of Sigiriya against the lush jungle backdrop.

The Growing Influence of Social Media in Travel

Acknowledging the significant role of social media in shaping travel trends, Big 7 Travel’s rankings highlight the impact of platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Social media has become an essential tool for travelers, serving as a source of inspiration, aiding in itinerary planning, and providing a means of escapism from everyday life. The 2024 rankings emphasize the accessibility of incredible destinations through the lens of millions of social media users worldwide.

Global Rankings and Previous Standouts

Sri Lanka shares the limelight with other global destinations in the Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places for 2024. The list includes renowned cities like London, Paris, New York, Istanbul, Bali, Chicago, Sydney, and Singapore. This marks the fifth consecutive year of Big 7 Travel’s endeavor to recognize and celebrate the world’s most visually appealing and shareable destinations.

As travelers continue to seek inspiration and share their adventures, the influence of social media on travel choices is expected to grow, further shaping the way we explore and appreciate the diverse beauty of our world. (